Perimeter Security Products

JVA Technologies (Australia), in partnership with Ndlovu Fencing (South Africa), has drawn on over 30 years experience in some of the worlds most testing security markets to produce a product range to satisfy the needs of the worlds security electric fencing markets. Ranging from simple domestic requirements, to high security government and industrial installations.

Security Electric Fence Energisers

The Z series of security electric fence energizers provide the power and intelligence to run a electric security fence from the smallest domestic installation up to a multi-zone industrial site. For many domestic residences in South Africa this is the only alarm system they will rely on.
The Z range may be connected to a building alarm or access control system. They may also be synchronized and networked.

Other Security Electric Fencing Products

Other Security Electric Fencing Products

For more information about JVA Security products and how they are used, please see the JVA South Africa Youtube channel.


An electric fence energiser is also known as a controller, energizer, pulser and charger.
Security electric fences are also known as Stun fences or Power Fencing.