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Electric Fencing has a proud history in Australia where we face an often harsh rural environment. JVA products are Australian designed to meet these demands and are manufactured from the highest quality electronic components. JVA energisers are powerful yet safe, they are backed by local knowledge and a commitment to service.

Electric Fence Energisers

JVA energisers are micro-processor controlled for years of trouble free precise control and conform to the strictest international safety standards. From the RSG1 (an innovative self contained rechargeable unit) to the 12 Joule MB12, all JVA energisers are ready to power your fences for years to come. All JVA energisers now come with a 3 Year warranty.
Note: Electric fence energisers are also known as controllers, chargers, pulsers and energizers.
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Portable Electric Fence Energisers

Mains Electric Fence Energisers (240Vac and 110Vac models available)

Multi-Powered - 12V DC or Mains - Electric Fence Energisers

Solar Solutions

Electric Fencing Accessories